Edit: this chapter is out of date, I changed a couple of somethings to it to make it fit in better, the updated version is here. The waves crash against the cliffy shores of the country of Honia, the moon shining in the background.

Honia was a lush, green country with plenty of resources, that have made the country very wealthy over the hundreds of years it has existed. Summer was a lot better honestly, it was warmer and it meant he could play outside without freezing to death…okay, he may be exaggerating but still, summer and spring too!

Was way better than winter. And If you were wondering, yes he did say palace. And because of that, he lived in a palace. He guesses it pretty cool, not all six-year-old get to say they live in a palace but honestly?

He guess those rules were there for a reason, the palace was a big place and it was easy to get lost…. He has four very overprotective older brothers… like really, they got overprotectiveness down to an art form at this point….

His eldest brother, Scott or his royal highness, the Crown Prince Scott, the second of Honia as he was officially known. But to him? Then there was his brother John or again as he was officially known, Prince Johnathan of Honia. Gordon was always trying to make people laugh, always looking on the bright side of things. He and Gordon could play all day if, given the chance, it was so fun playing with Gordon! The child that was protected at all cost.

He remembers hearing someone calling him the baby of the nation one time, that if something happens to him the whole nation would be up in arms. Scott was in his twenties when I was born, making me so much younger than my brothers. And that age difference could be why my mother….

It scared him…. He remembers one time when Scott was tucking him into bed when he was a bit younger then he was now.

And he was a lot younger back then too. Royal life was filled with secrets, he just had to get used to it. He sighed, leaning his cheek against his window. He was sitting in a little window nook, looking out at the night sky through his opened window.

oh god royal aus

All his brothers were. He yawned, rubbing his eyes. The solar system clock on his wall read that It was about two in the morning, way…way past his bedtime.

That…that dream will come back if he…if he goes back to sleep and…and it was scary and.You intrigue me, so I'm here to bail you out and maybe take you on a date? Keep reading. Source: dohertyinc-archive-blogvia my-ainsel. The term most often refers to fanfiction, but fanart can also depicted the characters in AUs. Also, keep in mind that sometimes an AU story is combine with others elements. For example, instead of the very common story about the characters attending a high school in modern times, it can be a magical school set in an futuristic world.

Theme by safe as milk. AU prompts collection To feed plot bunnies and inspire writing or drawing, here are AU prompt posts collected into one place. A, Mx. B will have a concert tomorrow for the school and they need all the help and they asked me to tell you…. A you know about the prom. I also heard that Mx.

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B has no partner. Or stuff like this. Like here is your impossible love Teachers of the same subject in different schools fighting in competitions and shit Or teachers of the same subject talking passionately about their course. Helping each other through all the stuff. I promise to be good. Jan 17, Nov 11, Keep reading via 12daysofsterek winter. Nov 07, I hope these help : The commoner is known for a particular skill the prince needs. The prince is travelling the land incognito dressed as a commoner.

The prince and the commoner meet in a forest when the prince accidentally injures the commoner. The prince and the commoner meet in a forest when the commoner accidentally injures the prince. The prince is injured during a hunt and the commoner is there to help. The commoner finds or inherits an artifact the prince wants. The king or queen, etc. The commoner is working at an inn the prince visits.

Uhm,Sweetie — 👑 Royalty Prompts 👑

The commoner comes to the castle seeking help for some issue that the region he lives in is suffering from.Ace would probably close up the bar as Nyx and Cor have this really emotional reunion and when Cor tries to tell Nyx that he had failed and it cost Ardyn his life and how he was so sorry then Nyx has to yank his faeder up and tell him that Ardyn is alive and then Ardyn warps in because Ace had text him an SOS.

Ardyn laughs at him when he finally figures it out. Gosh thanks to your goosedyn posts all I've been thinking about is Ardyn being delighted to see this goose version of him. Everyone else despairs. Pffft yes. He would be so delighted. Goosedyn is also delighted. Ace is having a normal day working his bar, but then things keep getting less and less normal.

Then Ardyn looks up with a grin of pure delight and beckons Ace to come over. He was coming to visit his dear nephew when he sensed something odd and tracked it down to find this goose.

royal au tumblr

Ace sighs, reaches carefully down to shoo the goose out of his bar warily though, because geese can be vicious and he knows this. Anyway yes, the chase is on, though Ardyn is less chasing and more trailing behind laughing his head off because this is hysterical to him while Ace tries vainly to catch a magical goose without using his own magic.

The chase eventually leads out of the bar by this point like- five different glaives are helping Ace chase Goosedyn and no one is having any luck and out of doors for a while before FINALLY the goose is caught.

By a very exasperated teenager who looks eerily like Noctis with long hair, or like someone who looks like Noctis and grew long hair to hide that fact as someone who also lives in fear of being identified by his looks, Ace can relate, which is how he spots it so fast. The teenager eyes the breathless pursuers, spots Ardyn losing it silently in the back, and sighs. This is my Uncle.

They do end up believing the teen though, because nothing else really explains why Goosedyn has red versions of the royal arms, though the others assume that Nox gave his uncle magic, rather then his uncle having magic to begin with and the teen lets them believe that without comment.

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Ace looks at him and Libertus knows that this is going to end badly. He looks to Nyx, only to find that his brother is just as drunk as Ace. Then, as if to prove everyone wrong, Ace summons a fucking dagger and throws it across the bar.

Nick mason saucerful of secrets setlist roundhouse

Libertus is thankful that a the bar is empty and only their group is there and b. Tredd cheers. A gift thing for sparklecryptid since thine computer hath died. Been meaning to do this for a while actually, but finally got it down. Ace should have known his day was about to go weird.

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It was just- one of those days. Where everything felt strange and the clouds overhead had just a little too much power in their rumble to not have Ramuh lurking somewhere inside them.

They were all talking as they walked down the street when there was a- blip. Or glitch. It felt different. It felt foreign. Ace emerged from the alley again, looked around with new eyes and realized that all of Insomnia was … a little bit different.Sobbe au with a supernatural twist!! Robbe lets himself think and feel all the things. The water is constantly in this perfect temperature, a little on the warmer side, but Robbe likes it. In his opinion, it makes this moment even more intimate and sexy.

Writing Is In Our Stardust

If someone could have powers, that would be Sander. He already has the looks of a God. Constantly tanned skin, this wit in everything he says, strong arms, perfect platinum hair. Robbe never thought he would crave love and atenttion, he had plenty of atenttion from the media with his every step and from his family, constantly hoping he would always do the most right of things.

But he craves more of Sander, more of everything he has to offer: more of love, atenttion, interest, kisses, sex, lingering touches and looks, long baths. Sander could go on and on with that list. He is, of course he is, but Robbe also feels everything very, very deeply. Sander is not one to brag, when he looks at himself in the mirror, everything about his looks bother him, but since they met, the way Robbe looks at him, at every centimeter of his body, makes Sander reconsider his own ideas of what he looks like.

Robbe instantly raises his gaze, opening his eyes wider. One of those mind-blowing, breathtaking kisses full of strong touches and pulling each other against their own bodies, almost slipping on the tub, but Sander keeps them in place.

Sander is the most beautiful creature that was ever made. Posted on April 10, with notes wtfock robbe ijzermans sander driesen robbe x sander sobbe.A is a low-ranking aristocrat. A is a royal with a reputation for being cold, broody, and blunt. A is a member of the palace staff who gets fired.

On the last night before they leave, they confess their love to B, their soon to be former employer, and is absolutely floored to hear they feel the same way. One day A tells their assistant C to stay in the studio and just keep working and goes off to deal with the picky royal themself.

Yeah, sure. A goes off to win their own hand so that they can decide who to give it to. What I was really looking forward to is the fanart. Probably my punishment for refusing to update the app. Every time one of my old prompts suddenly gets a surge of notes I'm like 'oooooh one of you has some followers. Are they considered compatable with each other. To what extent? The goal really is just to make yourself happy with something you create.

Be self indulgent and break the rules in whatever way suits you. The prompts are just for inspiration, go as far beyond them as you like and feel free to skip, combine, or ignore.

royal au tumblr

Posts Archive. Does one name eventually win out or is their pet destined to be known by name aliases? Stand by for content. And to the one person who saw it, congrats, you have the secret knowledge. When they cook, how closely do your characters follow the recipe?

Person A: in a bit of a rough night Person B: with the kids, but they are all in the same boat 3. Imagine how much they care about you 4. When you get a chance can you send me your number 6. I am going to be out in the morning and I will be home soon 7. What if we did it? Who is the person who will get back to the house and get it done before the weekend? A sure thing 2.Now, two years later and he meets you, the daughter of a lord in the royal court.

With your help he will open up and learn what it is to be in love for the first time. I do not give permission to repost with or without credit to my accounts.

Please notify me of any reposted fics on any platform. Their engagement and courting was swift, a real love at first sight type of thing and the wedding was a week-long celebration in both kingdoms.

Everyone thought they would be together for a lifetime but things changed. Adalia quickly became distant, uninterested in her new husband and king to be in the northern kingdom. The moment the news broke that she was having an affair the world was shocked. Who could do that to a prince like Raul? His hair is dark and curly, soft highlights of copper-y chocolate brown streaked throughout out as if he spends time in the sun.

His skin is clear, smooth and soft looking. His black suit with a silken black undershirt is a stark contrast to his otherwise pale skin.

He has his crown on, the unassumingly delicate gold ring that has curved uniform peaks. He is truly beautiful. He chuckles and smiles at something Oliver says but the smile never reaches his eyes. Those eyes, so dark and broken, train themselves on yours.

You cannot just reach out and grab the prince. You flush, quickly thinking up a lie to excuse your actions. Raul excuses himself and leads you into the dance floor. He takes your hand and wraps his arm around your waist. You step in time with him and he flows naturally with you. I just grabbed you for no reason. You said you could see it in my eyes, that I wanted to talk to you?

You shake your head. He turns you around and leans down a bit as if to tell you a secret. He steps back and you bite your tongue. Thank you for the dance, and your honesty. The next time you see Raul he is sitting alone in the hall to the library. Raul is at the window, on the ledge with one leg dangling out into the cool night air.As for the requests being sent in, I like to treat those as proper lists, similar to when we used to do AU Fridayswhich makes it a lot more difficult to collaborate on with you guys….

I can tell you that the most frequently requested topics are those similar to the following topics:. If you have any ideas for any of these categories, shoot them our way!

royal au tumblr

If it's not a bother, I wanted to ask if your requests are open at the moment. Yes, requests are still open and are always open!

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Our inbox currently has requests! Haha, thank you!

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To be honest, the header was made a VERY long time ago 5 years, maybe? First, I measured out the dimensions of the box I would need to fill for both the sidebar and the blog header itself 6. How are you all doing?

royal au tumblr

I wanted to check in and make sure everyone is still sane or, at least as sane as one can possibly be. Please pour yourself into your passions to make yourself feel better in our current circumstances.

The majority of my time is currently being dedicated to wrapping up my double degree and studying for my GREs, but whipping up some fic ideas is a great past time — so send them on over! Hope this was what you were looking for!

And thanks so much for following; always love to lend a hand! I hope you all are having a great break and a wonderful end of the decade I know, it still sounds weird, right?

And depending on how this goes, who knows? Requests will stay open for a few more days, so keep them coming! We definitely are still taking requests! Character A is on a roadtrip with their family. They look around, and no one is there in the car with them.

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Thank you! I wish we could have kept up with creating posts, but life definitely gets in the way at times; this blog was and still remains one of my proudest creative outputs over the past several years. I do have a personal blogbut it has unfortunately become incredibly inactive as of late. I might rejoin the Tumblr cult if I have a little bit more time :D. We currently have asks in our inbox, all of which vary in content. Any suggestions??? Plus, A and B are princes and best friends.

Can you release some of your more frequent requests? We can help send in prompts if you'd like. Hey Anon! Looking forward to seeing what you send over! Much Love, Admin M. All the best and take care, Admin M. Hello i was wondering how did you make you header????? Its amazing can you teach me.

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